Mervyn Clutton the Bellybutton Glutton

Posted: April 16, 2015 in My Poetry
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  NaPoWriMo day sixteen. Poem number sixteen is inspired indirectly by a young man called Harrison Baugh who likes to write about underworld creatures. It’s called Mervyn Clutton the Bellybutton Glutton

Hello, my name is Mervyn Clutton.

I live inside your bellybutton.

I like to nestle in the fluff

and wallow in the icky stuff

that you would rather not face

deep within your special place.

Mites for breakfast, lunch and tea

followed by a nice fat flea.

I top it off with food that fell

into your bellybutton well.

It’s fair to say I am a glutton

for the feast that’s in your button.

I may disgust your tender soul

but someone has to clean your hole.

If left to its own device

it would be overrun with lice.

So please do receive with glee

my bellybutton friends and me.


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