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The Raconteur

14 Apr

  NaPoWriMo day fourteen and here’s poem number fourteen. it’s called The Raconteur…

 Never thought you were much of a conversationalist

until you spent the night with another woman

and apparently just talked for seven hours

without even going to bed

 or sleeping

or anything

I see you in a new light now


The beginning and end of a relationship

11 May


A nymph skips lightly across my heart

Painting it golden

In effect it leaves me breathless

Can this be love?


Sold on the false economy of your promises

I believed you were true.

Hooked on the desire for honesty

I told myself that you were the one

The one

The one who…

Then a heavy dose of reality

Showed me, too late,

It’s all just a series of fairy tales.

Same shit

Different face


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