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  NaPoWriMo day fifteen. Poem number fifteen was inspired by a line I heard recently in a TV drama which I thought was such a sad line that I had to steal it for the first & part of the second line of this poem. The poem is called Elegy for a Dying Love…


I am losing you.

You do not know it yet but I see it.

I see the snatched looks;

the side glances;

hear your quickened breath;

feel you tremble when he is near. (more…)


  NaPoWriMo day seven and here’s poem number four, The Naughty Step.

Eyes raw and stinging;

snot flows freely

onto a face full

of angry blotches;

cheeks puff in time

to indignant sobs. (more…)

This is how we bond

Posted: April 24, 2014 in My Poetry
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NaPoWriMo Day 24 and today’s poem is called This is how we bond.

This is how we bond.

The first time we meet

I notice your lips and eyes

crease into a smile,

your shoulders are loose,

your palms open and (more…)