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  NaPoWriMo day twenty seven. For poem number twenty seven I have gone with today’s NaPoWriMo suggested prompt to write a hay(na)ku. The hay(na)ku is, apparently, a variant on the haiku. To quote NaPoWriMo “A hay(na)ku consists of a three-line stanza, where the first line has one word, the second line has two words, and the third line has three words. You can write just one, or chain several together into a longer poem” so here’s my take on it. This poem’s called Going Out.

Going Out


in bath,

shave legs smooth.



teeth, cream

face and body. (more…)



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NaPoWriMo Day 29.  Penultimate day, can’t give up now – there is an end in sight. Today’s poem is called Listen



There are ghosts scratching at the door,

bleeding through the walls

and rising through the floorboards.

Weary bodies press against the window.

Cold air streams through the keyhole

wrapping itself around you.

Icy lips rest against your ear and whisper

Catch life,

Catch it while you can:

Soon it will be gone.



This is how we bond

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NaPoWriMo Day 24 and today’s poem is called This is how we bond.

This is how we bond.

The first time we meet

I notice your lips and eyes

crease into a smile,

your shoulders are loose,

your palms open and (more…)

NaPoWriMo Day 10 and I’m a bit of a roll. Surely this has cured my writers block? Today’s poem is again stream of consciousness: it seemed the right way to go with this one.

I appear to have drunk a little too much

I am an empty husk harvested too

early the night is still fresh but I am

spent there are faces across the table that look

familiar their mouths open and close too fast for

me to catch the blah blahs that effortlessly roll (more…)

Pressing The Flesh

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Day 5  and yet another instalment of NaPoWriMo.

Pressing the flesh

“Lesson one

Get out there;

be visible;

look ‘em in the eye;

flash ‘em a smile;

press the flesh.” (more…)

First Date

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First Date 3

“My mother sometimes loved me” he says, “well that is to say she loved me when it suited her. She was not an affectionate woman, not affectionate at all. As a matter of fact she could be quite unkind.”

“I’m sorry to hear that” I reply, “mothers should always be kind to their children.”

“Yes you would think so wouldn’t you?” His lips part to form something more akin to a grimace than a smile.

I search for phrases, conversational pieces suitable for such a candid revelation. “Was your childhood very unhappy?”

“Oh no” he says “not at all. It was mostly very pleasant. I didn’t know any different you see. I thought everyone’s mother gave kisses as treats to be earned. “

“A mother’s love is usually unconditional” I say.

“Yes apparently so. Still, I had the last laugh” he lets out a sly chuckle. “She’s dead now.”

“Oh dear.”

He claps his hands and rubs them together with glee. “Shall we have some dessert? The Death By Chocolate looks exquisite don’t you think?”


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 Crying eye

I ask again “Is it too late?”

She looks at me

but she’s not looking at me.

Eyes, swollen levees,

hold back the floods.

Dark circles frame dewy lashes,

sleep a long forgotten luxury. (more…)